Bill Giles

Bill started racing in APBA in 1960, trading a B-50 bomber for a B Utility runabout. In 1964 he was SSOA Commodore. He was Region Chairman for 9 years starting in 1966. He was Stock Outboard V-P in 1986-88. He has been a member of a SO-MOD-or PRO racing commission for the past 40 years. He has been involved with promoting the Taunton race for 25 years. In 1964, Bill Allen Sr. & he put on two days of racing in the Cape Cod Canal, the first time the canal was closed to boat traffic! He has been a Referee for many years, including doing the Hinton, WV Nationals.

On the racecourse, he has raced all divisions of outboards. In 1966 & 68, he was inducted into the Gulf Hall of Fame, also winning the Gulf Gold Cup, as driver of the year in the US, all types of racing, 1968. He was a part of the winning team at the 24 hours Rouen, France in 1976. He helped form the UIM class- OSY400 and participated in the 1st World Championship for the class in 1985, finishing 2nd. He set one APBA speed record in BModHydro @ Dayton, Ohio. His driving is known throughout the USA.

He was honored by APBA in 2004 by being inducted into the Honor Squadron for APBA, one of only three people in New England at this time.

Bill also builds racing hydros & runabouts over all these years for himself and others. Ken Rosado and others have been very successful with his boats. He is known throughout the United States for his driving ability, his boats, his statesmanship, and his administrative abilities in this sport.

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