Sidewinder "A" $4800.00
Sidewinder 15ss $4800.00
Sidewinder 20 $4900.00
J/A Gearcase $1165.00
Pit Cart $240.00
Mercury A/B/C 1:1 Gear Sets $250.00
Welcome to Racing Outboards, LLC

We are a manufacturer of small racing motors and associated gear like pit supplies and boat hardware for the “kneel down” racing sport.  We provide new engines specifically for competition only, for the A, B, 20SS, and 25SSR racing classes.  These engines perform very equally from one motor to another, so new racers have as good a chance at being competitive as the seasoned veterans.

Outboard stock and modified boat racing is a great family-oriented sport where all members of the family can get involved, and will feel welcomed by the racing community while at the same time develop life skills and a competitive spirit.

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