Motors built for speed.

Competition motors for kneel down racing.

Welcome to Racing Outboards

We are a manufacturer of racing engines and are associated with pit supplies and equipment for “kneel down” racing. We provide new engines specifically for competition only, for the A15SS, B, and verious other racing classes. These engines perform very equally from one motor to another, so new racers have as good a chance at being competitive as the seasoned veterans.
Outboard stock and modified boat racing is a great family-oriented sport where all members of the family can get involved, and will feel welcomed by the racing community while at the same time develop life skills and a competitive spirit.

Competition Only

In the United States, these motors may not be used for pleasure boating, fishing or any other use except for competition.

Modern Motors

Sidewinders take full advantage of the latest advances in modern materials, machining techniques, and performance theories.

Changeable Classes

We use common parts between the engine models which assures continuity of your initial investment should you wish to change classes.

Independent Manufacturer

All designs, patterns, castings, and other parts are owned by Racing Outboards LLC; we are not dependent on major manufacturers for major components or repair parts.

“It’s never too late to have a good childhood.”
Ron Selewach
Racing Outboards CEO