Getting Started


There is a lot to know prior to getting started in outboard runabout and hydroplane racing. Choices regarding the class, the type of boat, new or used, and the cost are just a few of the questions you have to answer.

This area of the web site is set up to help you make the correct decisions. Please take advantage of our experience and the mentors that are there to help you as you join the exciting family of boat racers.

The boat racing family

Boat racing is as much about family and friends as it is about the competition. We are all members of the boat racing family, a family that welcomes new members with open arms. Many drivers grew up in the sport, watching dad or mom race, helping in the pits, handling the flags on the judges stand, and always anticipating the day when they would be old enough to strap on the helmet and climb in for their first race. Its common for generations of a family to meet every weekend at a race, for parents and children to work side by side on the equipment during the week and cheer each other on during the races.

One of the reasons we have put this site together and are working so hard to grow this sport is to expose more people to the friendship, camaraderie, and fun we experience at the races.

Boat racing has been described as a sub-culture a sub-culture with a very positive influence on all its members.

Come race, play, work, and celebrate with us, you wont regret it!


There are three major sanctioning organizations in the United States: The American Powerboat Association APBA, The American Outboard Federation AOF and the National Boat Racing Association NBRA.

These associations provide insurance for the regatta, officials and the participants, they maintain information on points accumulated through the year and also provide standardized rules so that races are conducted fairly and the equipment used is compatible throughout the country.

Check with the organization and your mentor to determine which group is most active in your region. Drivers must belong to the association that is sanctioning the race in order to participate at the event.



Racing clubs are located throughout the country. The national organizations can provide a list of the active clubs in your area. Racing members are usually required to belong to a local club in order to race, and then can race at any race in the country, not just that local club’s races. Support your local clubs they are conducting your local races.

Racing Clubs

Also check out what happens after the day's race.

After the race