After the Day’s Racing


The “one big family” atmosphere of kneel-down racing carries into the evening when the racing program is finished for the day. Some race sites across the country allow camping and RV’s overnight in the pit area or surrounding parks; others may involve a stay at a motel; at the motel venues there is much socializing and other activities. Same with camping or RV’ing – the collective group have activities such as “the taste of the region” where for dinner time, racers bring prepared dishes to highlight the food specialties of the region, themed parties, sports activities for the kids, and on and on. You have to experience this; it is comradery at its best. Great for singles; tremendous for families. One nice feature to mention is that the family atmosphere provides “protection” for single parents and their children; you can feel safe while you’re giving your children opportunities to learn competitive spirit, working for what you earn, respect, and character.

After Race Celebrations