Sidewinder Motors

The Sidewinder engine series is based on an engine design from the 1950’s; updated to take advantage of the latest materials, manufacturing techniques, and performance theories.

Many design features have been incorporated to produce a motor that performs well; is reliable and dependable; easy to start, operate, and maintain; and is easy to inspect. The same powerhead can be easily configured for either 15 or 20 cubic inch versions, assuring the longevity of your initial investment as the racer moves up through the various classes.

The motor is very lightweight at 60 lbs and is one of the best rides you’ll enjoy in any class. It easily starts in the water, idles and runs smoothly throughout the entire rpm range.

This engine series was specifically engineered for the entry level classes while still producing plenty of punch and top speed to keep racers of all ages interested and pumping adrenaline. In an effort to attract more racers and racer families to the wonderful sport of “kneel-down” racing, Racing Outboards LLC is now producing the first brand new, purpose-built racing engines available in the United States since the early 1980’s. The Racing Outboards website will become a focal point for all types of equipment used in “kneel-down” racing to make it easier for people new to the sport to find the equipment and accessories they need to get started, or to maintain their current equipment.



The Sidewinder engine series is based on an engine originally designed in the 1950’s for racing and further refined and developed through the 1980’s. Racing Outboards has further updated the design to take advantage of the latest materials, manufacturing techniques, and performance theories in order to make the engine more reliable, easier to operate, and easier to maintain. Learn more about these competition-only motors by downloading our brochures.

Sidewinder Promotional

Sidewinder Model

Competition Only

These motors may not be used for pleasure boating, fishing or any other use except for competition, in the United States


Multiple Sizes

Available in 15 and 20 cubic inch configurations for various classes including stock and modified versions


Sound Investment

Engine size and/or class changes can be achieved with simple sleeve/piston changes; assuring continuity of initial investment.


Made in the USA

All designs, patterns, castings, and other parts are owned by Racing Outboards LLC; we are not dependent on major manufacturers for any components or repair parts

Technical Specifications

15 ci 20 ci
Bore 2.165" 2.50"
Stroke 2.031" 2.031"
Displacement 14.94 ci 19.94 ci
Carburetor 21mm 30mm
Weight 60 lbs 60 lbs
Transom clamp to propshaft centerline 17" 17"
Transom clamp to flywheel top 12" 12"
Gear Ratio 14:19 14:19
Recommended Oil Ratio 24:1 24:1
Ignition type CD Dual pickup CD Dual pickup
Water pickup Below centerline on gearcase tip Below centerline on gearcase tip

Service Features and Benefits

Powerhead features
  • Split crankcase for easy assembly and service; thick crankcase walls and flanges provide additional support for main bearings and crankshaft
  • Side mounted reed intake for better starting and performance utilizing 2 custom-made 4 petal pyramid reed cages
  • CD ignition system mounted on a single plate, vibration insulated, with a variety of mounting options to facilitate modified configurations
  • Durible and strong bolts clamp the head, block, and crankcase halves together as one unit for increased strength and stability
  • The block face has a closed deck to better support the cylinder sleeves and create a more rigid block
  • A full-circle, press together crank is utilized for durability and ease of maintenance; the entire powerhead can be disassembled in as little as ½ hourusing only 5 tools.
  • A kick-out bracket is integrated into the transom clamp assembly to simplify trim adjustments when using the motor on multiple boats


Sidewinder 15s $4800.00
Sidewinder 15H $4800.00
Sidewinder 20s $4900.00
J/A Gearcase $1165.00
Pit Cart $240.00
Mercury A/B/C 1:1 Gear Sets $250.00