Women in Racing

Ladies Special Interest

Stock Outboard racing is not just for the guys, it is perfect for competition-minded girls and ladies of all ages! You’ll find women of all ages actively involved and just as competitive as the guys. In fact, several of the class championships are held by women – you can not only race, you can become champions. Winning takes work – getting your boat and motor set up right, competing on the race course, but testosterone is of no particular advantage. You’re on equal footing with all your competitors, and in this sport, everyone acts like family – helping out one another with tuning the motor, lending parts and other gear when yours fails. And female racers and pit crews are viewed by the males as equals, both on and off the race course. You’ll not find a friendlier, helpful sport than kneel down boat racing. Everyone male and female, young and old are treated with equal respect. Competitive spirit thrives, and that competitive spirit continues at work and at play – life lessons learned with a good amount of fun thrown in.

Valerie "Val" Dagstino

Valerie "Val" Dagstino is a racer who started racing when she was only 9. Val is a third generation racer and with her experience she is a three time consecutive national champion in the AXH class (2006, 2007, 2008). On top of her three consecutive wins she is a three time national high-point champion (2006, 2007, 2008). Because of her feats she was a Hall of Champions Inductee in 2009 and is the 3/4 mile competition record setter - 2006 AXH. Racing is such an influence and passion to Val that on October of 2015; she rode an 850cc Modified Runabout to her own wedding!

Abby Pond

Abby Pond is a well-known and impressive racer and is also a third generation racer. Abby's great uncles started racing in the 1950’s, both her parents Gary and Marsha started racing in the 1970’s. Her brother started racing and one year after him, she started racing at the age of 11 and competed in the Junior Stock Runabouts class. Abby was able to experience her first national competition in the 1993 Junior Division Nationals. Racing is a part of Abby’s and her families' life so much that both Abby and her father competed for championships in 2009 and 2014. In 2009 Abby won the Gerald Waldman award for earning over 12,231 points over 32 races.

2009 ASH high point, Gerald Waldman award
2010 AXH National Champion
2011 ASH high point
2014 ASH & BSH High Point
Three 1/4 mile straightaway records in ASR, BSH and ASH, HOC induction
2015 BSH high point
2016 ASH High Point